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RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: The Coyote Roller-The Dog Proof Fence

A Simple Concept That Yields Spectacular Results

Coyote Rollers make it difficult for dogs, coyotes, and other animals to gain the “foothold” they need to pull themselves up and over the top of an enclosure. The Coyote Roller is designed to freely rotate with as little as 2 ounces of pressure, and yet withstand 250 lbs.+ of weight in the center of a 4′ roller.

No Maintenance Means No Headaches

The Coyote Roller is constructed of specially designed aluminum tubing, UV resistant polymeric materials, and stainless steel components. The system requires no power source, and needs practically no maintenance whatsoever.

A Humane Solution

Rather than use dangerous electric fencing, or ragged barbed wire to keep predators at bay, the Coyote Roller simply denies, the animal, passage. In fact, one case study demonstrated that Coyote Roller’s not only reduced the attempts of coyotes to invade the property, they have ceased approaching the property at all!

Enhance Property Values

The Coyote Roller fully complies with most local ordinances and homeowner association requirements. In fact, the Coyote Roller is a handsome system that can even enhance property values with it’s elegant structure and streamlined appearance.