In-Home Dog Training and Rehab



The Private Obedience Dog Training Program allows the dog owner to incorporate one main handler, or incorporate all members of your family in the care and obedience training of your dog. The choice is left up to you. First, we start with the Dog Obedience Evaluation. This can take place either in your home or at one of our facilities.  During this session we will determine your dog’s personality, which influences our dog obedience training techniques.

Then, we gather information from your family as to what behaviors are making living with the dog unpleasant, and help you and your family discover what pieces are missing from your families dog behavior management program. Once this is determined, we will provide you with a detailed dog behavior management program that will solve  your immediate dog training concerns and canine behavior problems right there and then.

Finally, we will sit down and with your input, determine the best course of action for you, your dog, and your lifestyle. We tailor our dog obedience program around you and your families personal preferences, every one wants to live and love their dog in their own special way!


Dear Ami, My husband and I are involved with your basic dog training class on Thursday nights. We are most impressed with the instructor, Ami Moore. She is not only an excellent animal behaviorist, but she also excels in training techniques. I have been recommending her and her classes to others. We both have had dogs all our lives and have never encountered a better, more caring instructor. She is very conscientious and very willing to give you extra time if needed. She has a great deal of patience. In our view she is outstanding, and we felt you should be apprised of our feelings.Sincerely yours, Jean