Boot Camp Rehab



The dog must be crate trained for admittance to this program. This program is not appropriate for aggressive dogs, dogs with SA, dogs that are excessively nervous or shy. The off-leash skills and behaviors that your dog will master will include: your puppy will learn not to do the following objectionable, inappropriate, even rude behaviors:

  • Not To Jump on People, Places or Things
  • Not To Jump on Friends and Family When They Visit
  • Not To Run Out Your Front Door
  • Not To Act Crazy In The Car
  • Not To Chase Joggers
  • Not To Bark/Lunge At Your Windows
  • Not To Climb on Furniture or Beds
  • Not To Jump Gates or Fences
  • Not To Ignore You!
  • Not To Steal Food
  • Not To Beg At The Dinner Table
  • Not To Chase People on Skates or Bikes
  • Not To Dig In Your Yard
  • Not To Tackle The Children Playing in Your Yard
  • Not To be Mean to Your Baby
  • Not To Bother the Other Pets That You Own
  • Not To Bark and Run Your Fence-Line
  • Not To Be Wild, Reckless and Crazy in Your Home
  • Not To Embarrass You in Public, Ever Again!
  • Not To Make You Feel Afraid or Anxious with Dominant Behaviors and Actions
  • Not To Push You Around In Your Home Again!


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a treasure you have in your senior trainer, Ami Moore. After having had a very docile older dog for eight years, I was not prepared to properly handle our rambunctious and much younger little Daisy. Ami’s direct, patient, and very professional approach immediately put me at ease; and through the next three weeks, I was able to take charge of my dog and make our life together much more pleasant and enjoyable.

One thing I felt was particularly helpful in Ami’s approach to dog training–each time Daisy behaved in an unacceptable way, Ami first explained why Daisy’s was behaving as she was and then proceeded to show me what to do about it. Using this thought process now makes it so much easier to put our training into practice in our everyday lives.

Many thanks to Ami, and congratulations to you for having such a great trainer on your staff. You can be sure that I will spread the word!

Very truly yours,