Dog Problems

Dog Obedience Training

Do you get emotionally ‘stressed’ out or ‘mad’ because of your dog’s behavior problems?

Our company offers the best dog training service in Chicago and I pledge to educate your dog in the way that you want to live your dog-hassle free and off-leash.



We have created a short and simple dog behavior test that is designed to help you determine if you and your dog need help from our professional dog experts in order to restore harmony to your home.

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As a educator, therapist and certificated coach I know that while love is the reason we baby our dogs, love alone is not enough to create a loving and respectful dog.  Love when mixed with leadership and rules is the magic that creates a loving dog.

We offer three dog training programs: dog obedience training in your home, dog boot camp training program where your dog lives with us (just like summer camp)  and traveling training where the trainer lives with  your family for a minimum of three days and embeds the dog’s new skills firmly in your lifestyle.

Are you:

  • AFRAID for the welfare of your children?
  • HATED by your friends and relatives because of your dogs’ bad behavior?
  • SICK AND TIRED of picking up poop/pee every time you return home?
  • DISTURBED when you return home, and your neighbors tell you your dog barked and cried all night while you were gone.
  • STRESSED OUT because if you leave your dog alone, he/she goes CRAZY and destroys your home?
  • AFRAID to take your dog on a walk in your own neighborhood?
  • EMBARRASSED because the other Mommies won’t let their children play at YOUR house, any more?
  • DEPRESSED because your friends and family won’t visit anymore?
  • FRIGHTENED to kiss, hug and cuddle your dog because it growls at you?
  • ANGRY because your husband, wife, best friend or Vet told you to kill your dog?
  • SHOCKED that your little, fluffy, white, puppy bit you? REALLY HARD!
  • ASHAMED because it was your idea to get a dog, and now YOU hate the dog and wish it was gone?
  • CONFUSED because you thought you did everything RIGHT, but it’s all gone WRONG?
  • AFRAID of your upcoming court appearance?
  • UNHAPPY because the dog is creating tension in your marriage or relationship?
  • HEARTBROKEN because your children love the dog, but the dog is out of control?
  • REPULSED when you see your dog eat it’s own poop?
  • BAFFLED since you talked to many breeders, consulted with many vets, and read a million books on dog training, but the dog still is acting like a lunatic?


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