Dog Houses

The outdoor dog house is more than just a place for your dog to sleep. An outdoor dog house provides shelter from the elements. Your dog needs protection from the sun, the wind, the rain and the cold. Even heavy coated Nordic breed appreciate a shelter from the cold of a blizzard.

Your dog will also welcome the security the dog house affords him if he feels threatened by people or dogs that may pass by your house and tease him. An outdoor dog house creates a place for you to put food and water outside for your dog that will be protected from dirt, leaves, heat and other animals. Some dog houses can be created in such a way that they have decks so that the dog can climb up several feet and get a great view of his domain.

If your dog lives outside, and some breeds are healthier if they spend more time outside than inside, then an outdoor dog house is vital to his health and safety. If your dog uses the house as permanent shelter in all kinds of weather, the outdoor dog house must be insulated that to keep your dog both warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The most important choices that you the dog owner will have to make regarding your dogs outdoor house are materials, size, insulated, eco-friendly and price. We will cover each one of these issues in detail.

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