Dog House Materials

It important to match your dog’s house to the climate in your region. Your climate will determine the right material for your dog’s house. The next concern would be style of construction.

Many regions in America have extreme weather for at least part of the year or have a prolonged season of one particular weather condition such as a prolonged winter or a long, hot dry summer. The most comon and extreme weather condition should be the deciding factor for choosing the material for a dog house. An excellent estimation of appropriate building materials for your dog’s house is determined by looking at your home and the other structures in your area. If your dog’s house is made of wood and is heavily insulated, chances are the dog’s house should be too.

Wooden Dog House: Wood is the favorite material for dog houses. It is inexpensive and easy to work with. As long as it is pressure treated to prevent rotting in areas with high moisture, wood is also durable. In addition, wood is easily cut and shaped, allowing for great flexibility in design. Wood dog houses are suitable for almost all areas in the continental United States.

Plastic Dog House: These are the most popular material for dog houses. Plastic dog houses are lightweight, colorful and may be created in any number of attractive designs. They can be easy to move and are easy to clean. Plastic dog houses also have the advantage of remaining parasite free, even in the insect-prone areas. This material is easily damaged by dogs that in a chewing phase and dogs that play roughly with items in their environment.

Metal Dog House: Dog houses constructed entirely of metal are very unusual, since they are prone to being too hot or too cold depending on the weather situation. It is not uncommon, however, for a dog house to have a metal roof or metal legs or metal furnishings. Metal is easy to clean, sturdy, can resist damage from the elements and is pleasing to the eye.

A dog house can be made of almost any material. The best dog house is the house that takes your dog’s comfort, as well as the climate, into consideration. Only your creativity – and your wallet – determines the ideal construction material for.

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