Dog Heroes: The Alaskan Husky

Dogs in Chicago

“The Husky is a dog breed blessed with endurance and intelligence.” says Ami Moore, The Dog Trainer of Chicago. Ami continues, “Huskies are great dogs for urban areas as long as their need for mental and physical activity is fulfilled. Like all dogs in Chicago, they thrive when their owners find the balance between authority and affection which I call “Alphatude.”

Did you know that Huskies saved an entire town from death? When a diphtheria epidemic broke out in Nome, Alaska in 1925, the life saving serum was some 600 miles away and a dangerous trek for anyone during winter. The whole town was on the brink of death. Leonhard Seppala assembled a team of 20 sled dogs and headed towards the desperate town with the serum. After a 300-mile trek, through a blinding blizzard, one of the worse in history, the mission was turned over to another team, who completed the heroic mission and saved the town.

The leader of the sled team was Balto, a great Alaskan Husky. After the mission, Leonhard Seppala took a team of 40 dogs on a publicity tour throughout the mainland United States. Balto became one of the most famous dog figures in the world, and single handedly caused an upsurge in the breed’s popularity. Today, a statue of Balto sits in Central Park celebrating all the dogs involved.

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