Dog Boot Camp

We are writing this article to clear up the many misconceptions that exist on the topic of Dog Boot camps in general.

Dog Boot camp is a premium dog training service in which your dog stays overnight with a skilled dog professionals.

We offer dog boot camps to fit your lifestyle and your needs.

When a dog is brought in to our dog obedience boot camp, the dog lives as a member of our facility human and dog family. 99% of the clients that bring their dog’s to our facility own dog’s that are impossible to live with in the home environment. Sometimes these owners are just frustrated with their dog’s behavior and at other times the owners are terrified of their own dogs. Their behavior at home that puts these dogs at risk for re-homing or worse. We are experts in big dog training, small dog training and potty training rehabilitation.

Our dog boot camp address all of these problems, because your dog has to learn manners in a home-like environment. We have the largest training facility in the world; it’s area covers 228 miles, it is 26 miles long and 21 miles wide, it is the entire City of Chicago.

Under our gentle guidance, your dog becomes a pleasurable and valued addition to your family, in many cases he’ll be better behaved than your own children. Our specialty is in training and education your dog so that strangers will love him as much as you do.

Your dog is compelled to learn these things because he is living in a facility full of professional dog trainers with incredibly high standards and rather busy lives.  In our Chicago based dog training establishment, the dog is being trained 24 hours a day.

At a traditional kennel-type board and train, the dog is trained at most, 2 hours a day.   In our dog boot camp, your dog will accompany the trainer on his/her daily errands.  In this way, the dog learns to use his obedience in many different situations such as the bank, the store, the train station and many other places, all of which increase his learning curve.


Take a look at this video to see what dogs can do after our Chicago Dog Boot Camp.


Why does it cost so much?

There are three phases to training your dog. We do not use a cookie cutter approach, we design a program to compliment your dog’s personality and learning style. We are a small, service oriented dog obedience boutique, we personally train all dogs ourselves, we do not send dogs to out-of-state farm camps we train them right here in downtown Chicago.

PSYCH REHAB: We rehabilitate the dog on both the mental and emotional levels. Using our special techniques we create balance and harmony and create a desire in your dog to cooperate with people. Where before there was chaos, we create calmness.

EMO-ED: Dogs can think and make complicated choices much like people can. We teach your dog how to control his feelings, how to problem solve, and feel a desire to please you. We teach the dogs all exercises through enlivening the natural drives of the dog, we use the three primary drives that Nature has genetically pre-installed in the dog. These drives are the Drive to Please and The Drive to Make Prey, as Well as the Drive for Peace.

RESPONSIBILITY: Once the dog is realigned and education, we then move on to the next phase which instills a sense of responsibility in the dog, as well as a work ethic. This means that the dog will work to keep the new rules, rights and responsibilities that he has learned with us sharp when he is returned to your home. Most importantly you will not need food to constantly bribe your dog.