Dog Behavior Test

How Behaviorally Healthy Dogs Act




My dog is friendly toward people she meets – including well-behaved children.
My dog can get along with other friendly dogs, both those she lives with and those outside  the family.
My dog can be left alone for reasonable time periods without becoming anxious or panicked.
My dog will relieve herself only where and when I want her to.
My dog will readily give up control of food, toys, and other objects to me, and share her sleeping and resting places with me.

My dog is relaxed during normal, everyday handling and touching such as when I wipe her feet, brush her, look in her ears, pet her, look in her eyes, or touch her collar.

My dog calms down quickly after being startled or getting excited.
My dog is not overly fearful of normal, everyday events.
My dog barks when necessary or appropriate, but not excessively.
My dog plays well with people without becoming uncontrollable or too rough.
My dog plays well with other dogs, without becoming uncontrollable, too rough or threatening.
My dog plays with her own toys, and doesn’t often damage my possessions.
My dog is affectionate without being needy, clingy or annoying.
My dog can adapt to changes, such as travel, moving, or confinement in a carrier, with minimal problems
My dog usually responds when I tell her to sit, down, come or stay.
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