Does Your Dog Love You More Than Another Dog?

“Based upon the research that I have seen”, states Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer, “even when dogs are sheltered for a long period of time they can create new and more balanced bonds in a new home if the human is calm, dominant and structured.”  I advise my Chicago dog training clients to create a very structured environment for the first 30 days of a shelter or rescue dogs residence in their home so that they can easily comfort the dog if she experiences stress.

“If we are to draw any comparison between dogs and wolves based on this research, it would be to note that dogs, like wolves, do have territories, at least in the sense that they feel most comfortable when they are in familiar places. We know that in the wild, wolves can move to new places without any rise in their stress levels, as long as they are in the company of members of their pack. The same is true of dogs, however it appears that the most significant pack member is likely to be a human (usually the dog’s owner) and not another individual of its own species. For most dogs their owner has been a constant feature in their lives since they were puppies. It appears that we not only bred dogs to accept dogs and humans as relevant social partners, but to view humans as being more significant socially than other canines.I”


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