Chicago Dog Recreation-Beaches

When the Beach Boys sang that Everybody’s gone surfing, they meant your dog too.  No dog lover wants to leave their pet at home when they go to spend a day at the beach. And you don’t have to, especially if you live in the Chicago area. Chicago is a dog friendly city. It is great place it is for both dogs and their owners. Chicago is a city full of parks, beaches, walks, cafes and hotels which welcome dogs.

Before we have a look at the dog friendly beach options available to you in and around he Chicago area, lets first see if your dog is ready for the beach.

Is your dog a good swimmer? This varies from breed to breed. If your dog is not used to the water, it is best to acclimatize him slowly. Coax him; do not drag him into the water. It may take time, but be patient.

Has your dog been to the beach before? If not he may get over excited in the new and strange surroundings. Keep him on a leash, even in off leash areas, until he settles down.

Is your dog used to being around a large number of other dogs. If not, work him up to it gradually. First take him to leashed beaches where he can get used to other dogs in a controlled atmosphere and once he is happy with this, take him to the off leash beaches where he can really have fun.

How has your dog training been? No dog is perfect, but is yours comfortable around a lot of people people who may be running around and shouting? Will he get carried away or will he remember his training and obey you? This is important if you want to be welcome at dog friendly beaches.

These basic issues apply to all beaches where dog are allowed, not just the ones in the Chicago area. Please remember that you need a Dog Friendly Area (DFA) permit to take your dog to Chicago beaches. A local veterinarian will be able to tell you how to get one.

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