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Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach, says dog licenses are a unfair tax on people who own dogs.   In many areas there is a surcharge added if your dog is intact even though it has been proven that keeping your dog intact helps your dog lead a healthier life. In this press release Ami Moore the Memphis Dog Coach is quoted in a Major Los Angeles  publication


Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach, Strongly Urges Dog and Cat Owners to Avoid Licensing Their Pets In The United States

Moore, one of the nation’s top dog training experts believes it is urgent to discuss the topic of dog and cat licensing in America. Many dogs in the US go unlicensed. Ami Moore questions if that can create serious problems for both dogs and dog owners

[ Chicago IL – October 9, 2014 ]  A recent article on the KCRW website in Los Angeles addressed the problem of unlicensed dogs in the LA area. The professed benefits of licensing pet dogs and cats are to provide the means to reunite owners with lost pets, help curb disease and reduce stray pet populations. Ami Moore, a Chicago dog training expert widely known as ‘The Memphis Dog Coach’, believes this issue may be looked at in another way.

“I believe that mandatory licensing of dogs is an unfair tax on dog lovers. I do not believe that the government has the right to make you pay a tax for owning a dog or cat. Another occurrence that I see is that cities will make you pay an increased fee if your dog or cat is intact, yet current research shows that dogs that are left intact, the way Nature intended, live longer, are healthier and have greater resistance against cancer and glandular diseases,” says Ami the Memphis Dog Coach. “I think the government needs to stay out of my pocketbook and out of my dogs panties.”

“I am also against penalties for vets if the don’t release the names of dog owners and their dogs to governments. I believe that what happens between a vet and a dog owner is private and the medical professional cannot and should not be compelled to give lists of client’s names to the government.”

“I am sick of the current ‘Nanny-State’ mindset of our country where every act of personal freedom and pleasure is controlled and taxed. If people want to donate to shelter and rescues, then let them do that instead of paying a tax on their pet. I have not seen any evidence that licensing contributes in better health or welfare of either owned dogs or dogs in pounds or shelters.”

The Memphis Dog Coach, Ami Moore, CMT, CMVT is a leading expert in dog psychology. Her much acclaimed book, ‘The Alphatude Attitude’ was part of the curriculum at the Vancouver Island College Of Natural Wellness.

After attending three dog training schools Ami Moore started dog training in Chicago. She was awarded the Chicagoland Tails award for best dog trainer in Chicago and has been honored by various charities for her work with rehabilitating aggressive dogs. Ms. Moore also created the famous Guerrilla Group Obedience classes, and the ‘Fido Fat Camp’ concept so that loving pet owners could holistically increase their dog’s health and wellness with exercise, natural food and psychological rehabilitation techniques. Ami Moore offered one of the first Chicago dog yoga or Doga classes in the city of Chicago.

She developed a three-tiered dog training and dog behavior management system based upon Alphatude, Amiability and Activity to balance the mind and body of the Chicago urban dog and dog owner which is explained in detail in her book. ‘The Alphatude Attitude’ is available on her website

Ami Moore has been featured in numerous industry publications, magazines and newspapers across the country. She writes as the Chicago Dog Training Expert for She is available for interview and speaking engagements. She can be reached by email More information is available at the company’s website. The Alphatude Attitude is available at the AuthorHouse website listed below. She has been interviewed by a number of radio programs including The Authors Show and BBC Radio. Reviews of the book are available at and at

Your Dog Wants You To Lead

The Memphis Dog Coach says it is all about the relationship

Dog Health and Behavior: Does Your Dog Feel Bad When You Leave Him ALone?



Chicago Small Dog Service Dog

Chicago Service Dog Training


Ami The Memphis Dog Coach says that dogs react to energy, not emotions.

Dogs follow the energy of the leader for good results or bad results.  Here is a excerpt from an interview from the Boston Globe:

Pet Guilt-Boston Globe Interview

Pet Guilt-Boston Globe



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chicago dog training



Puppy proofing your condo or townhouse BEFORE you bring your puppy home will reduce the frustrations of puppyhood. Here are some simple guidelines for keeping your new puppy dog safe:


1. Always keep toilet lid down if you use toilet bowl cleaners. These cleaners are very alkaline and can be toxic for your dog to drink.

2. Keep cellar doors closed  as well as upper story windows, puppies and babies can fall down and hurt themselves.

3. Always dispose of chicken and turkey bones in a puppy proof manner, If your dog eats these bones they can puncture the stomach or intestines.

4. Puppies will swallow needle and thread if they are out, so be careful and always place your sewing behind closed doors.

5. Anti-freeze is very sweet tasting and completely lethal to dogs and children. If you spill this substance always clean it up before you allow your dogs in the area.









Here are some suggestions for puppy proofing your house for your new puppy.

1. Don’t leave cigarette butts in ash trays where the puppy can get them. if eaten your puppy dog can die from nicotine poisoning.

2. Secure all electrical cords to baseboards or make them totally inaccessible to the dog. If your puppy chews on the cord he may die form electric shock.

3. Keep all holiday decorations out of the puppy dog’s reach. The materials of most ornaments are toxic to animals.

4. IF you burn candles make sure that they are securely fastened to a stable surface and out of the reach of your puppy.

5. Keep all medications at least the height on your waist or locked up in a cabinet.

Dog Training Chicago: Does Your Dog Chew?

Dogs and chewing – sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Dogs have a knack for finding the worst things to chew on. It could be your favorite shoes or a piece of important paperwork (or, in the case of one of our staff dogs, underwear from the hamper). Whatever it is, once your dog has a taste for chewing on something it can seem like they’re just out to cause trouble, But believe it or not, chewing should be encouraged provided that it’s done in a constructive manner. 

“How could chewing possibly be good?” you might wonder. It’s simple – find a way to relieve this need that doesn’t damage your dog’s mouth or any objects. Chewing is in a dog’s genes. It’s is a natural way that dogs explore their world, whether they are a puppy or a senior. Eliminating chewing entirely probably won’t happen, and if it does it frequently involves depriving your dog of an enjoyable instinctual activity.

Not all dogs chew the same amount and outside factors can influence an individual’s behavior. Sometimes dogs chew out of boredom or anxiety, or because of sore teeth or gums. Your dog’s chewing behaviors can increase when he doesn’t get enough mental stimulation and exercise. Or she can just be seeking your attention…is your dog trying to get a little more of your time?

Inappropriate chewing – that is, your dog chewing things that he shouldn’t be chewing on — is a problem that most dog owners confront at some stage of their dog’s life. And not only are chewing problems annoying to you, they can be dangerous for your pet. Chewing on the wrong items such as electrical wires, poisonous materials, or objects that splinter can have disastrous consequences. 

On the other hand, chewing on the right objects can enhance your dog’s health and well-being. The physical act of chewing helps relieve anxiety and boredom, and helps your dog feel secure and content.

How do you get your dog to chew on appropriate items?

Ami Moore Protection Dog

Ami Moore Says Why
Choose A Protective Dog?

Dog Training Chicago: Sunburn and Your Puppy Dog

Ami, The Chicago Dog Whisperer says, “Your dog can get burned just like you can. You have to take care of your dog’s skin as well as yours. Dog obedience training will help your dog stand still for you to apply the sun screen.”

For more information please see:

Ami Moore, The Memphis Dog Coach, believes that dogs feel all of the emotions of people: love, hate, anger and shame. “In my chicago dog training classes I show the owner that their dog can love them more than for the food that they offer,” says Ami Moore. She references a recent study that compares dog and human development.



Fake Service Dogs: Finding the Fakes


Dog Training in Chicago for Service Dogs


Ami, The Memphis Dog Coach was recently asked how to identify “fake” Service Dogs.  Ami says, “It is easy to determine a real Service Dog from a fake one. I have a kit available for business that I created just for this purpose.”

Here is a link to a Service Dog article:

Chicago Dog Danger:Ticks

The Memphis Dog Coach says, “Ticks are a danger to you and your dog.