Memphis Dog Coach Give Tips For A Safe and Sane Christmas for You and Your Dog

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When you have a Christmas Tree loaded with decorations many of which can harm your dog management and positive reinforcement are the first step in maintaining your dogs health. In terms of management the easiest method is to simple keep the dog away from the tree. Next you can use a technique called “tethering” where you use your dog’s leash to attach the dog to either a door or a person or a heavy piece of furniture so that your dog can’t reach the tree at all.

If you have more time and more interest in training, positive reinforcement is the next level. Your  job would be to teach the dog the right thing to do.  Here are some ideas:

  • First teach the dog “Leave It” and teach the dog to turn away from the tree when you ask,
  • Secondly, you can train the dog to lay on a pillow on command and stay there when in the same room as the tree.

I hope that these interventions give you some ideas on how to keep your dog safe around Christmas trees.







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