Chicago Canine Flu: The Dog Flu Strikes

Flu Season For Chicago Dogs

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Similarly, our pet dogs in Chicago are exposed to a variety of infectious organisms, including the Influenza virus, from both people and other pets.   You may ask yourself can my dog catch my human flu?   No, your dog can’t get human flu but he/she can get canine flu. It is relatively uncommon for dogs to contract viral or other infectious organisms from humans.

“Dogs can be infected with Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) or Canine Parainfluenza Virus (CPV), for which vaccinations are available,”  states Ami Moore Chicago’s Dog Behaviorist.

Places where dogs are contained in close quarters (kennels, dog day care, dog parks, dog beaches, boarding facilities, hospitals, etc.) are capable of becoming “hot zones” for the spread of dog flu.

Juvenile, geriatric, and dogs having compromised immune systems are more prone to contracting the Canine Flu. Chicago dogs suffering from cancer or immune mediated (i.e. autoimmune) diseases will not be able to fight off infection as well as a dog with a healthy immune system.

Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer states, “If your cat or dog shows clinical signs of a respiratory tract illness  such as  a cough, sneeze, nasal discharge, immediately schedule an examination with your vet.  If your dog shows signs of dog flu-like symptoms the faster that you get your dog to the vet the better.”

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