TESTIMONIAL: Erich and The Golden (Results of Just One Lesson)

A happy client’s testimonial after 1 session.








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Hello Chicago Dog Whisperer,


Well, things are much more peaceful in the our household since your visit.  Both dogs are spending quiet time in their crates during the day and the whole night, which seems to calm then down.

Yoyo is doing very well with sitting before everything, although on walks she still walks too fast so she tightens the leash, so we stop & she sits.  We begin again and go about three steps and she is again at the end of the leash so we stop again.  Very slow going.

I decided to try working with Mondo on sitting and getting out the door and starting a walk.  It takes so much longer as Mondo seems to have a much stronger will than Yoyo, just as you told us at our first lesson.

Mondo has begun to sit, but he takes a long time before he decides to do it, although he is better at walking with a loose leash.

Furniture jumping has decreased and there has been no destructive chewing at all. All aggression toward our children and us has stopped.

Please let us know when you have some openings for our next session.  We are really looking forward to it.


Thank you so much for what we have learned so far.  The dogs are so much more pleasant to live with and we hardly know anything yet!


Ms. A in Barrington, Il

Testimonial: Cupcake The Poodle




“but another thing that has happened since I emailed you is that she is a new dog thanks to you!

She was definitely testing a bit, but I think it clicked that we mean business. She actually now sits

every time I stop even though that’s a new skill, places without question while we dine (although she needs a little help getting on the bench), and is an ANGEL on our walks. The only thing that she is doing that is annoying is whining and barking in the crate when I am not in room. But Chris is earthquaking her and the whining is diminishing. I am confident that this negative behavior will go away too.

I am sssoooo glad you became a dog whisperer! You are definitely the answer to our prayers!

Cupake is so well behaved in the elevator and walking through the lobby that almost everyone has asked us if we got a new dog!

And I took her to work today, based on your advice so that we could get her used to the school so that she could begin her Service Dog Training. The principal saw her sitting at my side.

I told her to Place and she stayed on her place for 60 minutes while we had a meeting about the school schedule; children ran in, parents walked by, other teacher came and went and Brownie NEVER moved!

Everyone was AMAZED.

K. McDonald

Testimonial: Ms. A and Alfie

Chicago Dog Training Testimonial-Small Dog Training

Hi Ami,

Hope your 4th was great!  Just wanted to let you know that today my son and daughter-in-law came over with the 3 boys and Alfie was a prince.  I kept the leash on him and kept him calm for the first few minutes that they were here.  After that he was great.  He sat outside with us while the kids swam and was quite a “gentleman” while we were eating.  His only backslide is getting up on the table if the chairs aren’t pushed in.  That’s something very new for Alfie and I’ll have to work on it.  But on the whole, he is doing Fantastic.

Testimonial: Terrier Owners Love The Dog Coach

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Chicago Terrier Sleeps in Peace

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Call the Memphis Dog Coach is you want to find the perfect balance between affection and authority for your Chicago dog.


Ami Taught Us To Think Like Our Dog

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Rosie The Rough and Tumble Lab-Updates

I have a great progress report for Rosie, the dominant chocolate labrador.  🙂

I am still have a little trouble with getting a prong collar and leash on Rosie though I have found a way of backing her into a corner so she can’t move and then she calms down so I can put the collar and leash on.  This is probably not the long term solution so we need more work on this.    I have not had anyone over yet so we have not worked on her behavior when people come over.

I am doing better too.  I am more calm and less stressed.  We are adapting to new routines and behaviors.

  • She is sleeping in her crate at night and only wakes up once or twice during the night with a small whine.
  • I can say quiet once from another room and she is quiet.
  • She has not barked in the crate since Ami left last Monday.
  • And she sits now in the crate and waits until I open the door.  Sometimes she forgets but I remind her by closing the crate door so she must sit every time before she can leave the crate.
  • She also is not jumping on the furniture much now and she knows she is not supposed to be on the couch especially when I am on the couch.  I have both my dogs laying on the floor in front of me now when I watch TV and this makes me calmer and relaxed and the dogs are not unhappy either.
  • We also worked on dogs waiting to go through door until I invite them or I go through first.  Rosie is very good with this action as well.  I continue to reinforce all these things daily though since we are not perfect yet.
  • Rosie finally will take the tennis ball in her mouth with the command take and lets it go with give.  She learned it but she didn’t want to do it right away.  But she did it for me several times yesterday.

Thank you,