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Happy Chicago Dog Training Shiba


National Hug Your Hound Day! The “unofficial” holiday (no time off work – sorry!) was founded 15

years ago by renowned Memphis Dog Coach Ami Moore , author of The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog

Wants You to Lead. Ami is interviewed on a Celebrate Your Dog on National Hug Your Hound Day! – Zuke’s – Healthy, Natural Dog Treats and Treats for Cats

Dog Training Chicago: Tyler and Roka the Dobe

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Happy client Tyler and his dog Roka in California. Tyler and Roka completed the advanced Memphis Dog Coach dog training course and are now living the dream in California. I plan to meet them soon for lunch at the French Laundry. Tyler can take his dog any where, any time and any place and know that his dog will be safe and sane in public. This is an example of the perfect dog owner with the perfect dog.


Aggressive Chicago Dog: Chicago Dog Trainer Does Good

Aggressive dogs create chaos in the home. Ami the Chicago Dog Whisperer says, “In just minutes I can create a lasting balance in your home.” Here you see two dogs that have been fighting so hard in their home that they have had to live in two different parts of the home. In 30 minutes we created a balance of authority and affection so that the owner became the leader in her home. We can do the same for you. Call 847-284-7760 and we can help.


Dog Assisted Reading Programs are helping children all over the world reading better. The Memphis Dog Coach says, “When dogs are part of a reading program children burn with a desire to read.”

Ami the Memphis Dog Coach helps create, manage and maintain dog-based reading programs all over Chicago. Please contact her if you wish to start a reading program in your private, public or charter school.



Service Dogs: Pest or Medical Device

Service Dog Chicago

Service Dog Chicago


The discussion on Service Dogs and Assistance Dogs rages on, here Ami the Memphis Dog Coach was asked to weigh in on the subject:








Chicago Dog Trainer: Seizure Alert Dogs

Chicago Dog Training services for those who want seizure alert dogs, read more here:



Dog Training in Chicago for Service Dogs


Chicago Therapy Dogs

Many of my clients want to do something more with their dogs. Some of those clients choose to train their dogs as therapy dogs to help disadvantage people all over Chicago. Here is a video of my client’s dogs sharing their love at one of Chicago’s best rehabilitation facilities,  Haymarket.

Rehabilitating the Chicago Dog Aggression

“Rehabilitating aggressive dogs is the hardest part of my job,” shares Ami The Memphis Dog Coach. Aggressive dogs can be rewarding as well as very challenging. I find that rescue dogs and shelter dogs are often adopted by people that are not prepared for the difficulty of rehabilitating and aggressive dog. Luckily, I have an almost perfect rehabilitation rate.   Here is a heartwarming story of two aggressive Chicago shelter dogs that are now loving members of their family.




Dog Aggressive Chicago Dog Gets Rehab

This is the story of a very small but very powerful dog. This is a dog that had gone to three different dog training boot camps and despite the best efforts of the trainers, Nanook was aggressive to people, the dogs in the home and even his owner. Nanook is so aggressive that his owner has not been able to ever hug him. That is all changed due to the Dog Training Chicago, an expert in aggressive dog rehabilitation.

The Chicago Dog Trainer Stops Dogs Barking

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. For dogs prone to barking – you may have really noticed some undesirable barking during the holiday festivities. “I get the most complaints about barking dogs between Thanksgiving and New Years,” says  Ami The Chicago Dog Trainer.  You love your dog, no doubt about it.  But that annoying barking?  It is enough to drive you and your holiday guests around the bend.


If you’ve got a dog that can’t stop barking, whining and howling when your Christmas guests are trying to get to sleep, you’ve got BIG dog problems! Sometimes it can seem absolutely as if the only solution is to get rid of the dog. Dog Training is the only way to restore peace in your house.  You can’t have a conversation with your guests, watch TV with your friends, or speak on the phone without hearing that constant whining, barking or howling. Your neighbors complain and even report you to the Chicago police.   When you have house guests over to visit and share in the holiday spirit, your dog’s barks, howls and screams drowns out all conversation.


And when another dog or squirrel comes into the yard or the postman comes to the door, it’s nearly impossible to hear yourself think over the barks, howling and yowls form your dog.  As much as you love your dogs, this is simply no way to live. This breeds crazy owners, angry neighbors and friends who will not want to come over to your home.  Dogs can be trained to do  just about anything and barking is no exception.  Until now, that task has not been easy.  You might have tried everything from scolding and anti-bark collars to just ignoring the behavior and hoping it would stop.  All you need to is call The Chicago Dog Trainer and we can show you how to stop barking with a whisper.