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National Hug Your Hound Day! The “unofficial” holiday (no time off work – sorry!) was founded 15

years ago by renowned Memphis Dog Coach Ami Moore , author of The Alphatude Attitude: Your Dog

Wants You to Lead. Ami is interviewed on a Celebrate Your Dog on National Hug Your Hound Day! – Zuke’s – Healthy, Natural Dog Treats and Treats for Cats







Here are some suggestions for puppy proofing your house for your new puppy.

1. Don’t leave cigarette butts in ash trays where the puppy can get them. if eaten your puppy dog can die from nicotine poisoning.

2. Secure all electrical cords to baseboards or make them totally inaccessible to the dog. If your puppy chews on the cord he may die form electric shock.

3. Keep all holiday decorations out of the puppy dog’s reach. The materials of most ornaments are toxic to animals.

4. IF you burn candles make sure that they are securely fastened to a stable surface and out of the reach of your puppy.

5. Keep all medications at least the height on your waist or locked up in a cabinet.

Affectionate Affenpinschers


affenpinsherLiving in an apartment in a big city like Chicago but long for a pet/companion dog for your pre-teen child?  The Memphis Dog Coach, says, “Affenpinschers are your best bet as these are intelligent, playful but fiercely loyal dogs whose needs can be easily met in a big city like Chicago.” 

Affenpinschers as a breed, trace their origins back to 17th century Germany. These dogs are a toy breed, often likened to terriers. The dogs came much before the Brussels Griffon and they are often called monkey dogs (affe in German is ape) quite possibly because of their antics and their fearless curiosity in exploring things and places! Small built (9- 12 inches), these dogs were originally bred as ratters or mice hunters. The average litter size is 2 puppy dogs and the normal lifespan is about 12 years.

This little dog has been aptly named “mustached little devil” in France. This dog has wiry hair, usually longer in the head, eyebrows and beard, which frame the face giving him an intelligent endearing look. The hair of the dog, may be shorter on the rear and tail.  The tail and ears may be docked. The natural tail is set high and carried erect. The length of the body is proportional to its height, giving it a square appearance. The female dog is usually longer. These dogs have a moderate tolerance to heat and cold.

For their size, they need a lot of exercise – walks in Chicago city or a game in the backyard of your home in Chicago. Common colors of Affenspinschers in Chicago are silver, black, gray, tan, red and beige. Affens, as these dogs are often referred to, are usually friendly, curious, independent, fearless against  other aggressive animals and fiercely loyal and protective of their owners.  Spunky and bold, these dogs make ideal companions for a walk or a day at the beach. This dog loves to play, fetch, chase and climb and generally have a good time making owner’s laugh with his antics.

The dog‘s mouser genes make him quite dexterous with his forepaws, whether handling a toy or a prey.  This dog loves to show off, too, which makes him a lively companion. While this dog might be pint sized, he sure has a mind of his own. He can, at times be stubborn and a little difficult to housebreak.

The dog‘s fierce bark can, at times, provoke an attack from larger dogs. The dog may not be the ideal pet if you have other pets from the rodent family (hamsters, hedgehogs) as his ratter’s instincts run deep. Though each dog has his own personality, Affens generally tend to be a little possessive of their toys and may not be ideal pets if you have very small children.  The dog‘s slight build also makes them susceptible to injury from children stepping on them or sitting on them or dropping them.

Sturdy little independent dogs, Affenpinschers make ideal travel companions whether your Chicago or any city for that matter. These dogs crave affection and they are quite sociable. Taking them out as puppy dogs, letting them get used to new places and new people makes it easy for them to deal with their territorial instincts and makes them lively travel companions in Chicago and other cities.

affenpinscher breed guide

Chicago Dog Training: 12 Dog Calming Signals

Ami The Memphis Dog Coach tells her clients that there are 12 dog signals that are used to communicate mood and emotion. When the owner understands these signals, dog training and dog behavior is easy. Dog training in Chicago should be easy for dog and dog owner.

Chicago Dog Training

Chicago Dog Training


At my house, here is the sign I have at my door and in my heart:

Dogs Are Welcome

The Memphis Dog Coach Says Dogs Are Welcome Here

Chicago Dog Danger Signs: Calming Signals

Ami, The Memphis Dog Coach says, “I wanted to share a picture with you showing classic calming signals that a dog gives when he is NOT comfortable with a person or situation.”

Please note all four signs in these pictures indicating that the dog is NOT enjoying this situation:
1. Licking the lips
2. Showing the whites of his eyes
3. Panting when not overheated
4. Turning his head away.



Aggressive Chicago Dogs: Why Do Dogs Bite

Aggressive Dogs in Chicago Can Be Rehabbed

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Many times a dog’s aggression such as jumping, barking or biting is seen as the result of “instinct” or “bad breeding”.    “Well,” says Ami The Chicago Dog Whisperer, “When people blame their dog’s aggressive behavior on the dog’s instinct or past I know that the owner has given up on the dog emotionally. In my opinion aggressiveness is a personality trait that can be modified by balancing the dog and the humans.”

Aggressiveness does not appear by magic. The development of aggression is a complicated process in which several factors are involved such as: the home, the attitude of the owner and the energy level of the dog. The actions and reactions of other people and other dogs to the dog’s aggressive communication style reinforce a dog’s aggressive nature.  Just as it takes two to tango it takes two to tangle, dogs can’t be aggressive when the are alone. Aggression always needs another player on the stage.

Aggressive dogs are rarely cool, calm collected dogs in terms of their personality. In most cases, dogs that express aggressive behavior tend to fall into the nervous, anxious, fearful and hyper personality category.  These dogs tend to bite in highly specific situations so much so that the owners can click off each and every situation in which their dog would bite.

Is Your Dog Psychic?

Ami, The Memphis Dog Coach, says, “I think that when dogs are closely connected with you that they can closely anticipate your needs.”   This is born out in a study based in England. “The BBC report cuts to a piece about Rupert Sheldrake and his research with a dog named ‘Jaytee’. Several experiments were done with Jaytee in the early 1990′s. The dogs owner, Pam, would go out, and then at a random time, would travel home and the dog would seemingly know when Pam was on her way home and would wait at the window or door for her. This, it is claimed, suggests that the dog is somehow linked to its owner.”

As a professional Chicago dog trainer, I can share many stories of dogs that have exhibited paranormal abilities. Ami adds, “I think that this is a field that deserves more research.”

Is the Border Collie Mans’ Best Friend?

Hearing Dogs

Chicago Border Collie Dog Training















With their intelligence and eagerness, border collies have dominated the world of competitive dog sports for many years, especially in the obedience ring. Originally from Scotland, the border collie gained immense popularity in Australia and New Zealand as a working sheepdog.

History and Origin

Long before Great Britain became industrialized, the British Isles depended on wool from sheep to sustain its economy. This was especially true in Scotland. The flocks of sheep required constant herding, and it was the border collie that performed this job admirably.

Border collies were first mentioned in 1570 in a book about English sheep dogs. Since then, various breeds of sheep herding dogs have been developed, but none has compared to the Scottish border collie. The breed originally evolved in the 1890s in the border counties between England and Scotland, after which it was named.

Appearance and Size

The border collie is a small to medium-sized dog with a medium-sized muzzle. The head is wedge shaped and the ears are either semi-erect or fully erect. The double hair coat is weather resistant. There are two coat varieties, the smooth coat, which is a very short coated variety and the long coat . The area around the neck has a lot more hair, giving the appearance of a mane. The border collie comes in a variety of colors and combinations.  The most common color is black with or without the traditional white blaze, collar, stockings and tail tip and with or without tan points. Other colors include white, liver, red, chocolate, blue merle, color-headed whites and sable.  The adult border collie stands about 19 to 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs around 40 pounds.


The great love of the border collie’s life is to herd sheep, although they can also herd cattle. The breed is able to creep and crouch and spring into action as soon as a sheep gets out of line. The dog is agile and quick and considered one of the most intelligent of all breeds. Therefore, they require a lot of structure, supervision and education.

Home and Family Relations

As a loyal and faithful breed, Border Collies are very much “one person dogs”. They will develop an intense relationship with one individual, often to the exclusion of others. This characteristic makes them a poor choice for  families. Border collies can be affectionate toward friends but reserved toward strangers and make excellent watchdogs.


The border collie loves to learn and play games. The Border Collies’ intelligence requires any owner to be dedicated, consistent and willing to spend a great deal of time (more than with most other breeds) where training is concerned. Otherwise, a frustrated, confused and difficult dog will result. Many Border Collies can be trained to respond to hand signals and whistles.



The Chicago Dog Trainer Stops Dogs Barking

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. For dogs prone to barking – you may have really noticed some undesirable barking during the holiday festivities. “I get the most complaints about barking dogs between Thanksgiving and New Years,” says  Ami The Chicago Dog Trainer.  You love your dog, no doubt about it.  But that annoying barking?  It is enough to drive you and your holiday guests around the bend.


If you’ve got a dog that can’t stop barking, whining and howling when your Christmas guests are trying to get to sleep, you’ve got BIG dog problems! Sometimes it can seem absolutely as if the only solution is to get rid of the dog. Dog Training is the only way to restore peace in your house.  You can’t have a conversation with your guests, watch TV with your friends, or speak on the phone without hearing that constant whining, barking or howling. Your neighbors complain and even report you to the Chicago police.   When you have house guests over to visit and share in the holiday spirit, your dog’s barks, howls and screams drowns out all conversation.


And when another dog or squirrel comes into the yard or the postman comes to the door, it’s nearly impossible to hear yourself think over the barks, howling and yowls form your dog.  As much as you love your dogs, this is simply no way to live. This breeds crazy owners, angry neighbors and friends who will not want to come over to your home.  Dogs can be trained to do  just about anything and barking is no exception.  Until now, that task has not been easy.  You might have tried everything from scolding and anti-bark collars to just ignoring the behavior and hoping it would stop.  All you need to is call The Chicago Dog Trainer and we can show you how to stop barking with a whisper.