As the modern workplace in America evolves, more and more progressive companies are encouraging employees to bring their dogs to work with them. But no matter how much you love your dog, your dog is guests within your working environment, therefore you must put your co-workers comfort first.

“Always check with your co-workers and your supervisor before bringing your dog to the office.” advises Memphis Dog Coach Ami Moore. Some people have allergy issues and others are simply afraid of dogs. Others co-workers find having a dog in the office reduces stress and makes work feel more warm and welcoming. It can be great for office morale to have a tail-wagging dog cozying up to you while you’re working. If your employer has not welcomed dogs to work in the past, ask your boss to consider a special one-day event information event to warm people up to the idea of pooches at work. Coach Ami says, “This is a value added educational product that I provide to forward thinking CEO’s who want to create an environment that enhances mental and emotional wellness.”

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