Boston Terrier

While the dog may actually be from a competing American City, the Boston Terrier is actually a good choice for Chicago dog owners. It is a good all around dog for city dwellers. The dogs are smart and dapper and have a proud history.

The dogs€™ low maintenance, intelligence, gentle nature, and requirement of only moderate exercise make these dogs great companions for almost anyone in Chicago. The dogs are friendly and playful which makes them a good family dog, especially for those energetic children with a busy Chicago social life. The dog€™s loyalty is clearly evident in its desire to remain by the side of his owner no matter the situation on busy Chicago streets. The short hair on this dogs means it requires little grooming. This makes the Boston Terrier a great companion for the busy Chicago professional or family without a lot of time to spend brushing a dog every day.

While it is a medium dog, the dog may not be the best choice for busy Chicago residents living in a small urban apartment. As with any medium sized breed, it must have adequate room to exercise and play. While the dogs require only moderate exercise, they do require exercise. Because of the size of the dog, the exercise area must be sufficiently large enough to allow for valuable exercise at a good pace.

For busy, Chicago residents with limited time who desire a loyal, intelligent, friendly dog the Boston Terrier may fall into the category of near perfect companion. The low maintenance of these dogs, coupled with the fact that they don€™t require extensive exercise, make them great dogs for city dwellers. The Boston Terrier is truly an all American dog. It was born and bred in the second greatest city in America, Chicago, after all, is the greatest city in America. Thankfully humans have learned the value of these dogs as companions and they are no longer required to fight for their dinner.