The Bolognese, a beautiful, graceful, and charming animal was valued greatly among the nobility during the eleventh and twelfth century.  Although it is very friendly the Bolognese dogs can be a little reserved around strangers, which is an admirable trait for a dog that live in a big city like Chicago. They are a very small type of dog breed and grow to be 10-12 inches, and weighs any were from 5.5-9 pounds. These dogs have a white coat with loose open ringlets, which does not require clipping or trimming.


Since the Bolognese is not a hyperactive dog breed, it does not require constant supervision and is ideal for small living spaces. Temperamentally, this dog does not require strenuous daily exercise, and it’s mostly kept indoors, for cold climate areas like Chicago its long coat protects it from the low temperatures and high winds. It is recommended to most families in Chicago and other places, as a great watch dog. It follows its owner like a shadow, and alerts instantly of unexpected changes. The dog is a great guardian and lover of all people.


For the busy urban professional in downtown Chicago without a large backyard or maybe living in an apartment, the Bolognese is a perfect companion. The fact that the dog can get the majority of its exercise inside makes it perfect for life in a Chicago Loop environment. This does not, however, mean that the dog needs to be locked away and kept isolated. Its small size and love of people make it the perfect companion to take with you when you are out and about-Starbucks, Panera or Cosi. The recent celebrity trend of taking a small dog with them wherever they go has helped to win acceptance of dogs in many places they were previously banned.