Bernese Mountain Dogs

Chicago Bernese Puppy Dog

Chicago Bernese Puppy Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed was originally used in mountainous regions as work dogs on farms originating in the canton of Berne in Switzerland. Because of the very calm temperament of these dogs they were used for pulling carts and wagons.  Though they love the outdoors, the Bernese Mountain Dog can be very well behaved in the house with little formal training.


However, this breed requires a moderate amount of mental and physical activity in order to keep them calm. Bernese Mountain Dogs don’t have a great deal of endurance. Bernese Mountain Dogs are the perfect addition to any family that is  active and enjoys spending times outdoors. In Urban areas, these dogs are commonly seen running alongside their owners while they are jogging or going on a run.

Coat and Color

Commonly, Bernese Mountain Dogs weigh 85 to 120 pounds with a height of 24 to 28 inches. Even though Bernese Mountain Dogs can be large in size, they move with great speed when they are encouraged to do so. Bernese Mountain Dogs also enjoy walks, hiking, and other physical tasks. Male Bernese Mountain Dogs are very masculine in appearance while the females are very feminine in look.

The coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog is generally black on the body, neck, legs, head, and ears. The cheeks, stockings, and thumbprint markings over the eyes on the face of the Bernese Mountain Dog are tan, while their toes, chest, muzzle, tail-tip and blaze between their eyes is white. Perfectly marked dogs look as if they have a white cross on their chest. The coat of the Bernese Mountain dog has medium length hair that is straight or slightly wavy. Some of these dogs have curly hair, but this is not  to breed standard.

Loyal and Friendly

One great quality of the Bernese Mountain Dog is how affectionate and loyal they are. This is seen in the fact that Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy spending their time close to their families and adapt to life in a Chicago apartment or condo. This breed is also very protective of their household, though they are not confrontational or threatening dogs by nature.

There is no doubt that Bernese Mountain Dogs are friendly and enjoy the company of other dogs which makes them a welcome companion in dog friendly cities like Chicago. Originating from farms these dogs not only like being around other dogs, but also enjoy the companionship of other animals including cats and horses. Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally not jealous when it comes to other pets as long as they are shown equal attention.

Another excellent quality is the complete and utter loyalty that Bernese Mountain Dogs show to their owners. They aim to please and are easy to train if the owner is patient and works consistently with training the dog. If Bernese Mountain Dogs are encouraged during training, and offered treats they are more apt to enjoy training sessions.

They Love Children

For a family with children, Bernese Mountain Dogs are very personable and love the attention that children provide. Despite the large size of Bernese Mountain Dogs they are very aware of their stature and are gentle with toddlers. Bernese Mountain Dogs are one of the most loving breed of dogs and seem to actually crave and need the attention that they receive from people.