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“Well, it might make you feel better to know that in most cases, I am not  dealing with “bad dogs”…just bad habits,” shares Ami The Chicago Dog Trainer.   Barking, jumping, whining, stealing food, chewing, and other  natural dog behaviors are typically ways that dogs gain our attention.


There’s nothing necessarily wrong with these behaviors as they are natural and normal for dogs.  As long as the behavior stays within reasonable limits and the owner can turn it “off” the behavior is not a danger.


When the natural behavior becomes annoying and unreasonable, when the owner can’t turn the bad dog behavior off, problems begin. Random barking can be one of the worst. That’s when it’s time to resort to dog training and dog psychology to discourage the bad behavior in your good dog.


Out of frustration many owners turn to harsh methods because they wait until their patience has run out to begin training their dog.


Unfortunately, these methods aren’t always effective and can sometimes even cause more harm. It is very important to approach training humanely and work together as a team without using pain or fear.


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