Baby Broke the Same Leg 5 Times?

Throwing Baby out with the Bathwater: What is true?

By ESaunders

If you have followed any of the recent HSUS anti-puppy mill campaigns, you might remember a sad-eyed little 3-legged poodle named Baby.  You might have even seen the pictures of Baby in the arms of President Obama.  Once a ‘puppy mill’ dog, now the subject of a book, a HSUS movement and website, “A Rare Breed of Love”.   The HSUS has been telling the story of Baby, to bolster these campaigns for several years now, especially focusing on the story of how Baby lost her leg.

The problem is, the story keeps changing. 

Choosing to own a special needs animal is commendable.  That any dog ends up losing a limb is unfortunate.  That essential details of Baby’s story should keep changing are troubling.  Was Baby’s ‘ordeal’  9 years, 10 years, more? Was the removed leg previously broken or not? Was it broken while in foster care or not?  Was it broken once or multiple times?   This kind of information is (or should be) easy to keep straight, especially when one considers that Wayne Pacelle and Jana Kohl are friends and have been participating in the HSUS ‘puppy mill’ campaign since at least 2007.  There would also be vet records associated with this kind of surgery. 

The story of this situation should be extremely consistent, expecially considering the close relationships of all the sources and the documentation that should exist.  If this much spin is occuring from the highest levels of the HSUS regarding the story of one little dog, how much else can be trusted?

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