Ami Moore Wows Radio Station WCRX

Local Dog Whisperer is Guest on WCRX’s Pet Talk

CHICAGO – A local dog coach’s Dog Boot Camp business got a boost after it was featured on WCRX’s Pet Talk, hosted by Antonia Zito.

“I got an avalanche of Dog Boot Camp inquiries,” says a grateful Ami Moore.

Through the talk radio show, which airs every Saturday morning on WCRX and, Moore was able to promote her unique boot camp, a program which rehabilitates problem pets in a relatively short amount of time.

“We run boot camps that range in length from three days to 31 days,” Moore explains.

In most cases, the dog lives with the trainer during the entire boot camp period. The owner may visit the dog, but it isn’t mandatory. The dog boot camp is a fun-filled experience for the dog that entails education, exercise, field trips to the dog park, the dog beach and local forest preserves. “The dog boot camp dogs accompany us on our outings during the day; if we go to Starbucks-the dog goes to Starbucks. If we go hang out at a gallery opening-the dog attends with us.”

“The dog is kept in a whole pack manner so that the other dogs that are there help us reinforce the lessons of calmness, control and submission,” Moore continues. “In our method, the most submissive dog is rewarded first.”

Tools and techniques are used which relate to dogs on a psychological level, Moore says.
“The dog, as a species, has many reflexes and genetic programming which can be used to increase the ease of learning,” Moore says. “That is a trick which we have learned, and which we use in our program.”

Dogs are fed raw meat or Flint River Ranch brand dog food, which is made from human-grade ingredients. If a dog is overweight, it is enrolled in a fitness program. “I practiced a raw meat diet for about two years. Hard to believe! I ate raw meat, raw dairy products and greens and I felt as if I was a kid again. I lost weight, gained energy and I only needed four hours of sleep per night. I used a combination of the Neanderthin or Caveman program, parts of Dr. Weston Price’s eating plan and Aajounus Vonderplanitz’s Primal Diet program. I figured that if I had no right to experiment on dogs if I wasn’t going to experiment on myself first.”

“In less than two weeks, we can rehabilitate any dog with almost any problem,” Moore boasts.
“We educate the dog in a gentle, dog-friendly manner to such an advanced degree that the dog will respond to commands anywhere, any time – without a leash.”

Ami Moore has developed a successful career by applying human occupational therapy techniques to the training of dogs. A lifelong dog lover, she has used what she learned during her years as a children’s occupational therapist to help dogs who have behavior issues.

Moore’s human clients struggled with disabilities such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Down Syndrome, and, through her experiences, she discovered that dogs who have trouble being calm have many things in common with children who have ADD.

Ami Moore warns pet owners to select a boot camp location carefully.

“In Illinois, it is illegal for a dog trainer to keep dogs in their home unless the home has been inspected by the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture as a kennel,” she says. “In addition, the city in which the dog trainer is located should also issue a license for the dog training activity. These trainers that work illegally out of their home-generally are novices who dabble in dog training after they get off of their day job.”

“The public should be very aware that there are many outlaw Illinois dog trainers running dog training boot camps out of their homes illegally.”

Ami Moore is a Chicago-based dog behaviorist, dog coach, educator, speaker and author. Visit her Web site at or Ami Moore can be reached by calling 847-284-7760.

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