Airedale Terrier

The Airedale breed of dogs  comes from  the valley of Aire in York, England, used for hunting small game,  it has some Otterhound genes which make it an excellent swimmer.  Always an alert hunter, this King of terrier’s stands with his head and tail held high.  Medium built, square with his height and length being proportionate, this versatile dog is very agile. The dog has coarse wiry outer coat and a smoother undercoat.  Weight about 80 pounds (bitches might be lighter by 5 pounds) they are usually around 24 inches in height. These breed of dogs are usually black or tan, and do require regular grooming and brushing.

These dogs are intelligent, quick on the uptake and eager to please.   They adapt well to the challenges of the Chicago urban living.  Like all terriers, the first  order of business is to show the dog you are the boss and to let him know from his point of view, that you are the leader.  Fun loving and lively, these the Airedale Terrier dogs need to be trained early to socialize with well-mannered children.  This is a dog breed that needs a home that has consistent rules, routines and consequences. his is a dog that is not suitable for elderly, permissive or sedentary people.

Originally a vermin catcher, this breed of dog, loves to chase members of the rodent family but he can get along will with other household pets such as cats.   The dog adjusts easily to different environments though being shut up all day in a Chicago apartment may not be a good idea for this active dog.  The Airedale is a high energy dog that needs plenty of open spaces to run around, chase birds and squirrels and swim in Chicago’s lake Michigan.  These dogs will gladly run along as you cycle down hilly roads or round the block in Bucktown or the South Loop. The average life span of these dogs is about 12 years. They are a dog breed that has very few genetic problems and usually they have an active old age.