A Goldmine of Free Dog Training Information Launched in a Full-Scale Attack on Euthanasia Rates and Family Heartbreak

Every day, thousands of pet owners are heartbroken when they “get rid of” their dog due to behavior problems. Even worse, many of these pets eventually become euthanized after they’ve been passed from home to home, or if they’re not adopted from animal shelters in time to save them.

Knowing that many of these issues could have been avoided if humans were more educated about preventing or alleviating behavior problems, Lori Verni, a Certified Master Trainer and owner of Best Paw Forward Dog Education has created an educational website called www.FreeDogTrainingInfo.com. Including a huge library of articles people can read for free and many other resources, her goal is for people to educate themselves and their pets in a full-scale attack on euthanasia rates and family heartbreak.

Simultaneously, she has also published her book, “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies & Adult Dogs.” We all know that puppies require house-training, but there are significant numbers of adult dog owners who suffer with housebreaking problems too. Based upon her 10+ years of experience training family pets, Lori Verni has addressed literally every common and obscure house training dilemma faced by pet owners.

The book is available for purchase at www.FreeDogTrainingInfo.com. Bookstores can purchase it wholesale through Ingram’s or Books in Print. The ISBN# is: 1-4116-3153-6. Bulk discounts are also available at www.Lulu.com/DogTraining.

Lori Verni is available for interviews of every kind. She is professional, well-spoken, and comfortable speaking in front of an audience due to her experience as a seminar lecturer on dog behavior.

For more details or to receive a complete press kit, please contact Lori Verni. The full press kit is also available in the media section of www.FreeDogTrainingInfo.com.

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