5 Thanksgiving Tips For Your Dog

Thanksgiving is celebrated in many homes in Chicago. You usual dog friendly feeding habits should be adhered to, to ensure your dog is kept safe during this Thanksgiving holiday period.

The enticing Thanksgiving dinner smells of turkey, stuffing and gravey, may cause your dog to get excited at the prospect of sharing in the feast. Here are fice simple tips to prevent your dog from suffering  during the Thanksgiving period.



The Five Best Thanksgiving Dog Tips

  1. Avoid feeding your dog fatty, highly seasoned food such as stuffing, rolls with gravey and rich desserts. These foods can create a life threatening conditon calle Pancreantitits.
  2. Before the big Thanksgiving day meal make sure that your dog is excercise to the point that he is very tired and wants nothing more than to crawl into his crate to sleep.
  3. Feed your dog his regular dog food about thirty minutes before your guests arrive so that you dog is both tired and full and hopefully much more interested in sleeping than stealing Aunt Anna’s slice of pumplin pie.
  4. If you plan on having your dog mingle when your guests are around make sure that you keep all appetizers and other food above your dog’s nose level. If you have Great Danes this may be tough to do-but do your best.
  5. Dogs who like to steal food are just as happy to steal food wrappers and tin foil to eat on the sly. Never leave food wrappers or cartons unattended if your chow hound in nearby.

“These tips have helped my clients have a safe and sane Thanksgiving for years,” says Ami Moore The Dog Whisperer of Chicago. “With a little careful planning you can avoid an expensive trip to the animal emergency clinic the day after Thanksgiving.”

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