15 Month Old German Shepherd, Guinness Mackenzie

A nice letter we recently received from a client by the name of June Miller.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great enthusiasm I write this letter of testimony for Perry Ahlgrimm. Perry Ahlgrimm was contacted, quite out of the blue, after a chance observation of his interaction with his own dogs. Unbeknownst to him, that interaction was being observed, from a distance and what I witnessed; well behaved, obedient, relaxed, happy dogs, so impressed me, I sought out his help. As a responsible pet owner, not new to owning dogs, I was convinced I had exhausted all my options with my 15 month old German Shepherd, Guinness Mackenzie who suffers severe fear aggression and I had resigned myself to the last resort available, euthanasia. Consideration to euthanize the dog did not come lightly and only after failed attempts by me, with the help of several qualified professionals, including a certified applied animal behaviorist to correct the dog’s behavior of lashing out at people and other animals. This behavior first presented itself at the age of ten weeks and the prescribed interventions
did not work as the behavior only increased with the age of the dog. The dog was unresponsive to verbal commands and could not be trusted in any situation. Sadly, the dog was muzzled and wore a promise halter all the time outside of the home. As the owner of the dog, I was miserable and so was the dog. Perry Ahlgrimm led by example using communication, direction and correction. He demonstrated exactly what was required, coaching me right alongside the dog. Initially, and with the strength of a wild stallion Mackenzie responded like a cornered rabbit, but by the end of the first session there was a noticeable difference. Perry Ahlgrimm used applied stress and agility over the course of several weeks to build confidence in the dog and the owner, reiterating step by step the exercises. At no time was the dog mistreated, hurt or abused. Perry Ahlgrimm observed MacKenzie’s reaction to training with a keen eye for trouble-shooting and problem-solving. He was a tough task master, commanding respect, firm but always fair, and incorporated fun in all the training sessions. While the dog learned her part to respond to direction, the owner, under Perry Ahlgrinnm’s guidance became educated in communication, voice and tonality.

I hold Perry Ahlgrimm in the highest esteem for saving the life of this dog. He promised and delivered more than I thought possible or ever dreamed of. He tapped into so much potential in my dog and I am now having great fun discovering MacKenzie’s talents. Mackenzie has so much more to give and I’m enjoying challenging her to explore new avenues. We are great companions now with a genuine bond of trust. I could say that MacKenzie’s transformation was magic, but that would undermine and undervalue the tremendous qualities Perry Ahlgrimm processes. He knows his job, he is extremely talented and he executes that skill with passion and precision to achieve wonderful results. My biggest compliment continues to come from people who knew the “old” Mackenzie and are absolutely astounded with the change in her over such a short period of time. Her body language and behavior speaks volumes.

Perry Ahlgrimm conducts himself in a truly professional manner and has shown me that MacKenzie is an intelligent dog that could overcome her fear aggression to be an excellent companion, willing to serve. I would welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone looking for a reference in this matter.


June Miller

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