100,000 dollar challenge

Ami Moore, the Dog Whisperer of Chicago, has developed a new and dynamic dog
training technique that combines the logic of science, the power of the wolf pack and the
magic of love; ‘Tickle-Tingle-Tap-N-Tellsm” uses a clear and logical communication
system to help your dog understand what you want him to do. With the use of this novel
approach to resolve old problems such as:

  1. dog aggression
  2. biting
  3. jumping
  4. barking
  5. running away
  6. stealing food, these issues are often cured in 1 (one) visit!


A trainer will train three dogs of various sizes, ages, sexes and breeds to perform the
following tasks on and off-leash in four hours. In order to win, each of the three dogs
must display an understanding of the following behaviors and the ability to do each
behavior around 4 types of distractions during the final evaluation period, at the end of
the training time period of four (4) hours. The trainer whose three dogs most successfully complete the exercises will be declared the winner.

In the event of no clear winner, the winner will be decided by a “Train-Off”. A Train-Off is
a engineered of behaviors that nay trained dog should be able to complete. Each trainer
will choose one of the three dogs at his disposal and attempt to complete the “Train-
Off”. Each activity will be scored Pass/Fail, the trainer whose dog achieves the most
‘Pass’ scores will be declared the winner.

The On-Leash Exercises:

  1. Sit for Greeting a Human who will NOT touch dog, but speak to handler.
  2. Sit for Greeting a Human with a trained dog. Humans and dogs will not touch,
    Handlers will verbally greet each other.
  3. Walk with handler without pulling:
    1. alone for 30 feet while moving around assorted obstacles (chairs, tables, tires, coolers etc..) on course
    2. through a crowd of stationary people for 30 feet, with one handler with dog in sit. The handler can interact with dog verbally and physically. Leash must demonstrate a U-shape at all times.
  4. Down-Stay

The Agility Exercises:

  1. 1. The dog and handler must move over at least one bar jump together, with the
    dog at the handler’s side.
  2. The dog must cross either an A-Frame or a Dog Walk completely.
  3. The dog must get on to an object (table/deck/rock) and either sit or down on it.

The Off-Leash Exercises

  1. The dog must walk with the handler for 30-50 feet through obstacle course as
    above. Dog must be with in 2 feet of handler’s left side. Handler can use verbal/
    physical prompts to encourage and guide dog.
  2. Sit off leash maintain position for 1 minute.
  3. Down off leash maintain position for 1 minute.
  4. Go-Out and Sit or Down: to a table/rock/crate or other object at 20 feet.
  5. Recall off-leash 30-50 ft., dog must sit by handler so that handler can touch

The Distractions

  1. Tennis Balls, one or many, may be still or in motion.
  2. Dog Treats, one handful to unlimited amount. Scattered on ground within access
    of dog.
  3. One Trained Dog
  4. One Human with Trained Dog on Leash
  5. One Human
  6. The Environment!


Remember the most humane training method, the kindest dog training method, the
most moral training technique, is the training method that makes the most sense to your
dog, creates the least amount of confusion, and results in a trained, obedient, confident
dog, in the shortest amount of time.

Current scientific research says that negative reinforcement, or Nana’s Law, is the most
effective, most humane and most ethical way to train dogs. Negative reinforcement is
the only method that can cure aggression, fearfulness or separation anxiety. Positive
Reinforcement is useless to fix these dog behavior issues. The article, “The Misbehavior
of Organisms” states this clearly.

So, if positive reinforcement methods fail, if they are so ineffective, if they are the cause
of dogs being put down for bad behavior then why are they so popular? Money. There
is an entire industry that is hooked on making money pushing a unproductive training
method. Total positive dog training is as good for your dog as cigarette smoking is good
for your lungs.

Rule Number 1.
First and foremost, the Challenger(s) must use a dog training method/technique that is fundamentally different from our training methods/techniques: we use a method based on positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and immersion therapy.

  • This means that if you are a trainer that has an approach that claims that collars, leashes and corrections are “wrong or evil or cruel or inhumane or mean” then, this contest is for YOU.
  • If you are a trainer that considers himself/herself “anti-correction collar” or “anticorrections of any sort” then this challenge is for YOU.
  • If you consider yourself a clicker training, or a food trainer, or a cookie pusher or a dog whisper or a dog talker or a psychic dog trainer, or a new age dog trainer or an energy dog trainer or a massage only dog trainer or a trainer that uses ropes/feathers or any sort of unique method to train dogs…..then, this challenge is created especially for YOU.

The Challenger(s) must submit a detailed description of his/her training techniques for
validation purposes. This submission must explained on paper with additional training
footage illustrating the trainer’s method on a video or on CD. The Challenger(s) must
use the technique that is submitted for review during the training challenge.

Please contact CDCG if you are interested in participating in the $100,000.00 Dog
Training Challenge.